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Types of repairs
Our IET Certified Electronics Engineers and Technicians can fix what others can’t fix, such as faulty SMPS power supply, broken front led or lcd panel, e.g. if you have a cracked screen, which stopped working, or without light. Liquid damage, batteries, charging ports, keyboard, even if the device is completely dead, or no power at all. Sometimes the repair can be even more complex, therefore if a level 3 technician cannot repair it, another engineer will look into it from level 6, where the device mainboard or pc desktop or laptop can come with faults including no power at all, on boards with single, double or multi-layer PCB. Get it fixed is here to help!

Products used

Graphic Cards

Repairing a wide range of graphic cards such as Nvidia, Ati, Asus, Msi, AMD, Dell, Gigabyte, Lenovo, and many more.

Laptops PC Desktops

Repairing a wide range such as old gaming controllers, or vintage gaming consoles, pc desktops, laptops and many more produces by this brand.

Gaming PC

Consoles Gaming Desktop PC, which can have multiple issues, such as no power or errors while booting.

We are Intel PCBs Repair Experts

Get it Fixed provide local expert out of or non-warranty Intel PCBs repair services nationwide. For all Intel PCBs models.

100% unconditional * Free Shipping on everything you sent to repair.


Other brands we repair and processed around UK wide. And many others listed under each service provided.

Advanced Diagnostics and Micro-Soldering Repairs

This is how we fix what others can’t fix:

    Using the Latest Standard Industry Laboratory Equipment, to pinpoint the root source of the fault.
    Module BGA Integrated Chip THT SMD Micro-Soldering Repairs.
    Where we can bring back a completely dead no power or non-charging device to a fully working device again.
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Help With Out of Warranty or unwarranted Repairs And Services Near You, for your Intel PCBs Tech device.

We can fix most brands and models of Electronic Domestic Appliances, such as Audio HiFi, PCBs, Drones, Headphones, Gaming Consoles, Tablet, Phones, even devices not listed on the market, such as prototype builts for different purposes. This includes many faults such as broken screens, batteries, level 3 hardware repairs, level 6 deep diagnostics over electronics equipment, up to sophisticated drones, or CNC machines, from 2 axis up to 3 or 5 axis controlled drivers PCBs.

In fact, over the past few years, we’ve processed more than 90 000 Tech Devices repairs UK nation wide!

We understand that a standard repair which takes only 3-5 working days is sometimes not sufficient.
Therefore, we offer an express service, which means your repair will be processed on the same day it arrives with extra charges apply.
We are sourcing all parts direct from the manufacture by keeping the device in original standards in regards to quality.
When your standard 12 or 24-month warranty cover is out of date, or unwarranted, you can trust us with your repair, and when the work order is completed, an automatic warranty applies to it. T&C applies to each device model.
We will diagnose your device and advise you of any additional costs for labour or Intel PCBs Equipment parts before proceeding with our service.
Manufacturers guarantee parts supply from 5 to 7 years from the introduction of a model, so obtaining the required part replacement shouldn’t be a problem.
First of all, we do not charge anything if we aren’t able to fix your Intel PCBs Equipment device. Usually, No fix No Fee applies to most repair devices.
Therefore the out of warranty services cost is best obtained with accuracy by using the Request Estimate button.
From where if accepted, a free Royal Mail Track 48 shipping postage label is being sent to you, free of charge! Hassle-free.
If you ever searched for a Intel PCBs Equipment repair near me, you should know that our service centre can fix any fault with your device.
Where our nationwide network of local Intel PCBs Equipment repair shops can fix your device in a location that suits you the most.
To book an appointment and drop off your device, use the mail-in service, and send your device to our repairs headquarters. To do that just press the Book a Repair button, and fill out the form.
Located in the Midlands, we can carry out your repair right in front of your eyes. In as little as 25 minutes, we have it fixed!

in the last week
Very quick service and were able to repair a circuit board from a balboa hot tub that isn’t available to buy anymore. Would definitely recommend it.

in the last week
Just set up my home theatre after repair. Very happy to recommend as the mail and delivery system was quick, the repair was done at a very reasonable cost considering it’s a BOSE.


Gracelynn Drust

Excellent service! – repaired my vintage Rotel amplifier, which was dead and sat on the storage shelf in the garage for over 10 Years, and after i received an additional recapping service, which improved the music quality so much to it. All together a great service, I could not believe when I’ve received it back was nicely cleaned and packed proper.

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